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i moved to auckland from palmerston....
Posted by Wayne on 17/08/2001 9:30:11 p.m. Reply to this post

i moved to auckland from palmerston a few months ago, and it is nothing! compared to palmy! I don't know why there are 1 million people living there, they must have not been to palmerston yet!!!

Posted by Another Aucklander on 28/11/2001 3:07:31 p.m. Reply to this post

soo,... Why move to Auckland?
theres alot more to do in Auckland than you can do in Palmerton North!
I like Palmy... don't get me wrong.. but there is more fun to be found in Auckland.. :)
If you don't like it.. got back to Palmy :P

Posted by Samatha. on 21/11/2002 4:22:34 p.m. Reply to this post

Yeah why did you move to Auckland?
I just came home to a small Australian town yesterday, from the big smoke-where everything is happening!
I think Auckland is a wonderful, beautiful city.
Palmerston has nothing compared to Auckland.
Palmerston is pre

Posted by Rachel on 3/03/2003 11:22:12 p.m. Reply to this post

Riot - you can't remember the Morris Street one then...he he I was there, but only observing!

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