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Palmerston North is a beautiful city....
Posted by Wayne on 17/08/2001 9:34:43 p.m. Reply to this post

Palmerston North is a beautiful city. I grew up there and still call it home even after being away for many years.

Posted by amy on 25/03/2002 11:04:43 p.m. Reply to this post

I moved away from palmerston north just over 2 years ago and living in australis is nothing compared to palmerston north I still think of palmerston as my home and I will never forget my friends that I had there they were so much more easier to get along

Posted by me on 12/04/2003 8:28:15 p.m. Reply to this post

no it's not. Traffic is a bitch.

Posted by oppps on 21/09/2004 5:50:29 p.m. Reply to this post

its a mess! it sucks! are you retarded or was your childhood that bad as to create the illusion that palmerston is something more then a nightmare?

Posted by monica on 5/12/2004 8:48:19 a.m. Reply to this post

well, I wouldn't say that palmy is a beautiful city (it lacks a bit of historical background, if compared to europe where I live...), but I really enjoyed the 5 months I spent there two years ago. my favourite places were the library (absolutely amazing!)

Posted by drizzle on 5/12/2004 2:36:11 p.m. Reply to this post

Celtic yes, Emma's place has gone, bulldozed. Likely flasher accom. Cheers.

Posted by monica on 23/12/2004 10:21:30 a.m. Reply to this post

oh, really? no more emma's place? so sad...
but well, the food was really awful, so no regrets. if I come back I'll look for a shared flat!

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