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I left Palmy in 1977.....
Posted by Joyce on 17/08/2001 9:35:17 p.m. Reply to this post

I left Palmy in 1977 and moved to Holland, leaving a lot of friends behind. In December I am coming back for a holliday and hope to see all my friends again,if I can find them. Maybe one of them will see this,who knows but I am really looking forward to s

Posted by Hi, Friend on 2/02/2002 10:22:00 p.m. Reply to this post

Dear friend,

I am Robert George. I once lived in Palmerston North (PN). It was almost a decade ago. It’s a very nice town: serene and beautiful. In fact, its countryside -- Fielding, Levin, Foxton, Shannon, etc. -- looks even more magnificent. I

Posted by sam on 15/10/2002 7:47:07 p.m. Reply to this post

I left Palmy in 1992. Came back in 2000, to visit family didn't find any old friends though. Palmy looks the same but it has had a few changes. I enjoyed being able too walk around at night & enter late night Supermarkets! It was blizz!. I have travelled

Posted by paul on 16/10/2002 5:00:39 a.m. Reply to this post

I bet there are lots more petrol stations as well. Thats something that I didnt like, that and those bastards ripping out all the gorgeous trees along Fitzherbert Ave as well.

Posted by S.A-M on 16/10/2002 7:38:50 p.m. Reply to this post

Petrol stations? Yeah there were more of those.
But at least you guy's didn't ever have rostered ones on a Sunday! I love trees!, yes Paul it would've been a shame to see the Fitzherbert Trees come down. Councils love to chop down trees-it keeps them bu

Posted by Jules on 25/11/2003 3:24:04 a.m. Reply to this post

I left Palmy in 96 and haven't managed to get back yet. I can't imagine Fitzherbert Ave without those beautiful trees. I moved to WA, Palmy seems like a little country town to me now. Yeah you're so right about the footpaths in Oz, it is damned hard tr

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