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welcome to english emigrants????
Posted by keith on 18/07/2003 8:40:46 a.m. Reply to this post

Are Palmerston North residents open to London people coming over and making a home in this wonderful city?

Posted by The Mayor on 18/07/2003 8:57:51 a.m. Reply to this post

Assuming you meet the immigration criteria and can actually get residency you should have no problems fitting in.

The Mayor.

Posted by Sama-tha@ on 18/07/2003 3:42:00 p.m. Reply to this post

Yes Keith! I'm sure the british are quite welcome in Palmy, after all it is a multicultural city.

When you meet the immigration critera make sure that they deport "THE MAYOR" to a isolated island somewhere in the pacific.

The devil will be awaiting!

Posted by Danny on 18/11/2003 4:44:05 a.m. Reply to this post

what about the Irish,are we welcome?

Posted by Queenie on 18/11/2003 10:49:36 a.m. Reply to this post

Oh God yes the Irish are especially welcome - they have the most sexiest accents in the world. They really get me going if you know what I mean! ;)

Posted by American on 18/05/2004 3:38:12 p.m. Reply to this post

Waves the truel red / white / blue flag

And yanks?

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