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Should I return???
Posted by Dave Lumley on 17/03/2002 1:46:33 a.m. Reply to this post

14 years ago I left Palmy for Aus simply to get away from a messy relationship
I ended up in Melbourne , after afew months went to W.A. and got into mining
This has taken me from Kalgoorlie W.A. to the Northern Territory,Cairns Qld, Paupa New Guinea, an

Posted by Charlotte on 26/03/2002 1:10:41 a.m. Reply to this post

You can only try,as is every thing, as with every where you get what you give

Posted by Mr X on 4/04/2002 11:16:15 a.m. Reply to this post

Its a good place to raise children, jobs, well there isn't any mining, and most of the people are ok..

Posted by Happy Happy! on 5/07/2002 2:25:47 p.m. Reply to this post

To: Dave Lumley! Yes man you should return! Palmy is great! It's a great place to live! You will like the environment! It's hard to believe that you have been gone since 1988! Time flies! You were a good Bus driver on the City Council Buses! Thanks for be

Posted by Paula on 17/08/2002 4:00:32 p.m. Reply to this post

Hi Dave being an ex palmy gal living in Sydney the answer is yes go back especially if you have a family to raise. PN is the best place in NZ to raise kids, think back to your happy childhood. Oz is lovely but very busy and if I were to have children th

Posted by Joc on 29/03/2004 3:54:04 p.m. Reply to this post

I spent 18 months in Palmy, and have now returned to Sydney in OCT 2003. Can't really say. Palmy was friendlier, less stressful and the beer was cheaper. Sydney is faster, nastier, harder to deal with and people in Sydney are more like numbers than people

Posted by far from palmy!!! on 21/09/2004 5:46:59 p.m. Reply to this post

NO!!! Never return!!!! Stay AWAY!!!
It is a truely amazing accomplishment for you to have escaped from the foul stencth sometimes reffered to as palmerhole!
Do not under any circumstances return to this dreadful place!

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